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Blessings Nurseries


Preschool Services

Fee structure


Registration Fee: AED 700  Medical Fee: AED 800/academic year

Termly Fees:

Timings 8.00am – 1.00pm 8.00am-3.30pm 8.00am – 6.00pm
5 days per week 8800 11000 13500
3 days per week 7500 9000 11500
2 days per week 6500 8000 10000
Early Drop off Fees

Times 2 days per week 3 days per week 5 days per week Daily
7.00am – 8.00am 700 per term 1100 per term 1500 per term 50
7.30am – 8.00am 400 per term 700 per term 1000 per term 30
Late Collection Fees

Per hour or part hour Per 15 minutes after 6pm
75 50
Additional Days

Days Fee
8.00am to 1pm 250
8.00am to 3.30pm 300
8.00am to 6pm 350

The age stated for admission is the age of the child on 1st September of that academic year. Children may be considered for the older group if their birthday is no later than 31st December of the same year. Babies will be transitioned from ‘Seedlings’ into the ‘Daisies’ group when they start to walk, subject to available spaces. 3 year olds must register for 5 days per week 8am to 1pm as minimum so they can access the full curriculum.

Group Age on 1st September
Seedlings 4 months – 18 months
Daisies 12 months and walking
Caterpillars 2 years and above
Butterflies – PreK/FS1 3 years and above



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Blessings Nursery! At Blessings Nursery, we treasure each and every unique child that comes into our care. We treat children with love and respect as they learn and grow with us. We create a safe and friendly environment where children's imagination and creativity can flourish.
Kind regards,
The Team at Blessings Nurseries

Parents Coaching School

Our Parents Coaching School offers you the opportunity to discover all the hidden gifts to mature both parents and children through family interaction.

The seminars and workshops of Meritorious Education Network having 13 years background in the parent coaching field offer to parents a variety of issues to discuss and see all the possibilities, the opportunities, the weaknesses, the threats in our daily family life and create exceptional results in our family life!

Meritorious conduct parenting workshops for small groups of ten and through 12 modules parents understand they way they react and learn how to act enjoying fulfillment by applying their own values. Register to our programs or send us email for inquiries.

Our next workshops:
• What’s your parent style?
• Setting limits and enjoy unlimited potential.
• Effective parental tips to grow successful kids.

Our next seminars:
• Building emotional intelligence.
• Be the parent you always wanted to have.

The result:
Turn the stress of raising children well into a fun and exciting adventure for the entire family.
Register today for a parent education workshop and get ready to see changes in yourself and your children.

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